Sunday 13 September 2015 9:35 pm

UK cyber security jobs on rise after several high-profile data breaches and hacks

Cyber security jobs are on the rise, in the wake of a stream of recent high-profile data breaches and hacks.

Some 14 per cent of all new IT jobs are in the cyber security sector, showing that protection against cybercrime is becoming an increasing priority for companies.

Out of the 10,210 current IT vacancies in the UK, 1,420 are in cyber security, according to professional services consultant Procorre.

Proactive cybersecurity is growing particularly quickly, according to Wiktor Podgorski, contracts and HR manager at Procorre, such as specialists working to stay one step ahead of hackers, by luring them into traps:

There is a global shortage of experienced and talented cyber-security experts, especially after a recent spate of high profile attacks that have demonstrated the need for businesses to improve their cyber defences.

Data breaches can put companies at risk of more than just financial loss:

Customers lose faith in companies that are unable to keep information secure, so data losses can have a significant long-term impact on sales and revenue.

The most publicised case recently was that of adultery website Ashley Madison, whose 37.8m users infamously had their personal details stolen and laid bare online by oddly moral hackers demanding that the site be shut down.

But the last year alone has also seen millions of Carphone Warehouse customers had their details exposed, as well as the Sony hack which exposed everything from salary records to embarrassing emails from Hollywood execs.