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Challengers, visionaries and entrepreneurs are turning their focus to the next great technology goal, and it’s one that could save

August 14, 2020
Westminster denies firms business rates relief for empty offices during lockdown

Central London companies whose staff abandoned offices to work remotely during the coronavirus lockdown have been refused business rates relief,

June 17, 2020
SME entrepreneur business growth

In a world disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown and a looming recession it may be hard to focus on

June 11, 2020
Coronavirus Lockdown Forces London's Small Businesses To Make Hard Choices

Many of the country’s small companies will not be viable unless two metre social distancing rules are relaxed, the Federation

June 10, 2020
EY Absolute SME risk management finance function

In this article, I consider the five key questions a mid-market business should ask themselves when it comes to risk

June 9, 2020
Rishi Sunak Yorkshire Tea

Ever wondered how much small businesses hand over to the Treasury each year? Try £145bn in corporation tax and VAT

March 6, 2020

Small businesses are often accompanied by an intense working environment, where space is at a premium and the day-to-day proximity

October 7, 2019

More small companies are glum about their business prospects than at any time in the last five years, as calls

October 4, 2019

London is one of the world’s business capitals – a world-class financial hub, home to leading businesses across finance, professional

September 18, 2019

With the final instalment of Stephen King’s epic horror tale It now in cinemas, offices will be buzzing with talk

September 10, 2019

Small capitalisation stocks, or small caps, can offer the potential for higher returns compared with investing in larger companies, although

September 9, 2019

Almost 1m people attended Notting Hill Carnival’s annual carnival last weekend. One of them, Colette Zacca, left with viral fame

August 30, 2019

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