Sunday 26 April 2015 11:12 am

Sunday Times Rich List 2015: How long would it take you to earn as much as Britain's billionaires?

Britain's billionaires – all 117 of them – have an eye-watering fortune of £325bn between them.

To put that in perspective, if it were shared out across the country, each person would pocket £5,000. That's enough for a deposit on a flat in Newcastle. (In London, that's really only going to get you a garage or parking space)

On the other hand, it would take the average worker almost 12m years to earn the entire wealth of Britain's billionaires.

Check out how long it would take you to earn the same as them – enter your annual salary and browse the billionaire you want to compare yourself to.

Click calculate to find out how much their fortune is worth, and how long you would have to work to match it.

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