Monday 26 September 2016 9:48 pm

Three joins call for Openreach to be split from BT

Billy Bambrough is City A.M.'s deputy news editor.

Billy Bambrough is City A.M.'s deputy news editor.

Mobile challenger network Three has added its voice to calls for BT to be stripped of its infrastructure arm, Openreach.

The Fix Britain’s Internet campaign, led by TalkTalk’s Dido Harding and already backed by Sky and Vodafone, has been asking people to write to the telecoms regulator Ofcom.

In July Ofcom proposed Openreach be legally separated from BT, but stopped short of so-called structural separation. A consultation on the proposals closes on 4 October.

The campaign to try and sway Ofcom’s decision has so far attracted some 75,000 supporters.

“Ofcom should play a crucial role in ensuring UK consumers fully benefit from the digital revolution yet Ofcom has allowed BT to accumulate close to 50 per cent of the airwaves that are key to mobile internet as well as dominating the fixed broadband market,” said Three UK chief executive David Dyson.