Thursday 5 May 2016 6:49 pm

These Final Hours review: Plus our pick of the best films showing this weekend

These Final Hours (15)
Dir. Zak Hilditch | ★★★★☆

A low-budget Australian drama about a young man struggling to get to a party to celebrate the end of the world, and the young girl he meets along the way. Setting out boldly into this well-worn territory, These Final Hours is a smart film that loses its way as the story progresses, with Nathan Phillips’ selfish lead learning the error of his ways just in time for oblivion. It’s an entertaining road trip, however, and at a swift 86 minutes the highs just about manage to outweigh the lows.


I Saw The Light (15)
Dir. Marc Abraham | ★★★★☆

Tom Hiddleston headlines in the true story of country legend Hank Williams' rise to fame. A stunning cast makes it all the more frustrating that director Marc Abraham's film should ring so hollow. Abraham is clearly desperate to highlight the demons that put a strain on his relationship with his wife and singing partner (Elizabeth Olsen), but never quite delves deep inside the man beyond some very familiar tropes. Music biopics can afford a little bit of poetic licence if they capture the spark that made the artist a star (see Jamie Foxx in Ray), but there is neither spark nor insight in this forgettable film. A real wasted opportunity, and a rare misstep in the rise of a very capable actor.