Thursday 27 June 2019 7:00 am

Tech investor raises a record $100m in capital

London venture capital firm Talis Capital has secured a record $100m (£78.8m) to invest in tech startups across the UK, Europe and US in 2019.

The firm has previously backed the likes of Darktrace, Iwoca, Onfido and Luminance.

Unlike other venture capital firms, Talis Capital is backed by a network of private investors and does not raise time-limited funds. Instead it seeks a select amount of capital each year, with the aim of investing the whole amount before the year is out.

Since it was founded a decade ago, Talis has put more than $600m into early-stage tech businesses. Its total assets under management increased 220 per cent in the last five years alone.

Talis co-founder Vasile Foca said: “The investors we work closely with want to back the next generation of innovators and disruptors. We can show them how to do that, and at an early enough stage when they can really make a difference.”

For the year ahead, Talis said it will focus on making investments in data, insurtech and proptech. It will also explore digital healthcare and sustainable food and farming.

Managing partner Matus Maar said: “The strength of our approach is based on two things: first we can move quickly to make decisions because our structure allows us to be agile, flexible and competitive in the fundraising process.

“Secondly, the investors who back us have had significant business success in their own right and they are prepared to leverage their networks to help our portfolio grow.

“We’ve consciously backed companies with the global potential to transform traditional industries significantly, using a technology-led or technology-enabled approach.”