Wednesday 21 July 2021 5:40 pm

Steve Jobs' 1973 application to be auctioned in original format AND as an NFT

Steve Jobs’ hand-written 1973 job application is set to challenge the traditional perceptions of value in a landmark auction that may prove the acid test for the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market.

The world-first auction format will pit the digital version of the application in direct competition with the original physical asset, setting an industry benchmark and a precedent for the burgeoning crypto-collectible market.

Both editions of the job application on sale (physical and digital) are identical, yet unique – same origin, same aesthetic, same opening price, same moment of history. The only difference is the the medium. For the first time, investors will have the chance to decide what true value means in 2021. 

The application – which dates from a year before Jobs joined video game start-up Atari as a technician – is a window to a pivotal moment in time that impacted the way in which we now globally communicate and connect.

Jobs lists his early interests and skills within the form, noting experience with computers, calculators, design and electronics tech. Somewhat ironically, he also states he had no phone, and, while he possessed a driver’s license, access to transportation was ‘possible, but not probable’.

Since 2017, this staple piece of tech history has gone to auction twice, increasing 1,200% in value over the four-year period and highlighting the potential in the future for purchasing such a sought-after piece of tech history. 

“The Steve Jobs hand-written 1973 job application auction aims to highlight the modern shift in perceived value – the physical or the digital,” said Olly Joshi, digital entrepreneur and founder of the NFT vs physical auction.

“Testing this with a piece of history from arguably the most influential tech entrepreneur of our time, is very special.

“Will this open a whole new market for decentralised collectibles, or will we see a world in which both can coexist? As Steve Jobs asked us many times, is it time to ‘think different’?

“Whatever the answer, the digital and art worlds will be watching with anticipation. We believe this will be a massive proof point for NFTs and their role in culture.”

The side-by-side auction will go live for six days from today at 5.41pm PDT – paying homage to the time that Jobs would reveal a new product during the iconic launch events to coincide with the clock time featured on Apple products.

The NFT was created in partnership with Rarible – a leading NFT marketplace allowing digital artists and creators to issue and sell custom crypto assets. Rarible hosts the NFT image using IPFS protocol, ensuring the digital file behind the NFT is secure and never lost in ownership transfer. 

The auction of the physical item is being hosted by auction software company Snoofa.

The NFT will be available to buy with Ethereum (ETH), while the physical asset is available to purchase in US Dollars as well as the cryptocurrency. 

As well as the auction challenging the perceptions of physical and digital assets, a percentage of the final profits will be donated to charity partners: Cancer Research Institute and One Laptop Per Child.

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NFT vs Physical Steve Jobs job application auction. 

Steve Jobs Job Application Sale History

  • 2017: Steve Jobs’ Job Application sells at auction in New York, USA for $18,750.
  • 2018: Steve Jobs’ Job Application sells at auction in Boston, USA for $174,757
  • 2021: Steve Jobs’ Job Application sells at auction in London, UK for $224,750