Monday 8 February 2021 10:34 am

Slow vaccine rollouts cause eurozone investor morale to slip

Investor morale in the eurozone unexpectedly dropped in February as lockdowns left their mark on the economy, a survey showed on Monday.

Attempts to suppress Covid-19 left the eurozone trailing behind other regions in the world, as countries such as the USA showed a strong recovery.

Sentix, who surveyed more than 1,250 investors, said that the European Union was being held back by its slow vaccination rollouts.

“The lockdowns in many European countries are leaving their mark,” Sentix said in a statement.

“As a result, the EU economy is losing touch with the other regions of the world, which are continuing their recovery course in the month of February.”

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February slump

Sentix’s index for the eurozone fell back into negative territory this month, dropping to -0.2 from 1.3 in January.

This fell way short of a Reuters poll which predicted a reading of 1.9.

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