Tuesday 18 May 2021 8:33 am

Single Covid-19 jab produces antibodies in 96 per cent of people

Over 96 per cent of people who get a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccines made by Astrazeneca or Pfizer develop antibodies, a new study has shown.

The figure rises to 99 per cent when a second shot has been administered, the trial, which was carried out by scientists at University College London, found.

The results of the survey of 8,517 people in England and Wales were reported by the Guardian.

In total, 96.42 per cent of participants developed antibodies within 28 to 34 days of receiving their first vaccination.

The share rises to 99.08 per cent within seven to 14 days of the second jab.

The study will give yet more confidence that the UK’s vaccination regime will prove the definitive way out of the pandemic, which has now killed 127,684 people in this country.

Dr Maddie Shrotri, the lead author of the paper containing the study’s results, said: “This is one of the earliest real-world vaccine studies in the UK and it is fantastic news.

“How well these vaccines work is remarkable, especially given the speed at which they’ve been developed. It’s a real feat of science in the face of the most devastating pandemic in a century.”

Nearly 55 per cent of people in the UK have now received a single dose of a vaccine, while 30.4 per cent are now fully inoculated.

The UCL paper is currently out for peer review.