Headquartered in London, SIGWATCH is a leading consultancy and data provider on global activism, working with major companies, investors, and professional advisors. Our expert knowledge of activist campaigning issues, policy, and discourse helps to bridge the gap between business and civil society and supports responsible business practices. SIGWATCH’S proprietary techniques for tracking activist issues and campaigns enable us to predict the future of ESG risk and identify upcoming trends in public opinion so businesses can prepare and adapt with confidence. We work with clients from sectors as varied as mining, energy, food, and consumer electronics.

We are a small team of policy, legal and activism experts committed to helping responsible businesses meaningfully engage with NGOs and activists, and the issues they are most concerned about. We are ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging issues and can tailor solutions for different needs with a variety of offerings executed with precision.

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At SIGWATCH, we emphasize the pivotal role of activist groups and NGOs as crucial stakeholders for businesses. Engaging with these groups not only allows companies to address risks but also transforms challenges into opportunities. Despite the perception of activists as biased troublemakers, hesitation to engage with them can hinder proactive problem-solving.

A common objection to our work is, “But aren’t activists biased?” In a discussion with City AM as part of SIGWATCH’s partnership for their ESG Impact campaign, Arpita Raj, SIGWATCH’s Editorial and Marketing Manager, underscores the importance of engagement, irrespective of one’s stance on the activist agenda.

At SIGWATCH, we stress the importance of businesses engaging with activist groups and NGOs. Listening to activists allows companies to proactively address risks and turn them into opportunities. Through unique global activism analysis, we provide early warnings of emerging ESG issues and reputational risks. Our team of legal and policy experts brings historical and objective data to life.

A common question we receive is, “How do you find activist groups to follow, and how is the data collected and analyzed?” In a conversation with City AM, our Head of Research, David Hamon, breaks it down. Watch:

In a rapidly changing environment, industries face the challenge of tracking and complying with standards and regulations to avoid legal issues. SIGWATCH employs unique global activism analysis, providing businesses with early warnings of emerging ESG issues and reputational risks. This enables companies to stay ahead of the curve and be well-informed about potential impacts on their business.

SIGWATCH advises market leaders across various industries and regions, offering insights on understanding and anticipating activism risk. Through proactive planning, businesses can engage constructively with stakeholders. In a discussion with City AM, as part of SIGWATCH’s partnership for their ESG Impact campaign, SIGWATCH MD Charlotte Moore elaborates:


Charlotte Moore, Managing Director

Charlotte is a specialist in global activism trends, with experience researching, writing, and speaking about campaigning policy and tactics across a broad range of issues. She is driven by a desire to help people connect the dots and grasp complex issues and believes strongly in SIGWATCH’s position as a bridge between business and activism. Charlotte’s research and thoughts have been published in Investment Week, Business Green, Feedinfo, Financier Worldwide, and others.

Robert Blood, Founder Chairman

Robert is considered one of Europe’s leading experts on NGOs and activism. He was inspired to create SIGWATCH after spending his earlier career advising companies on managing reputational risk, when he observed how much more effective campaigning groups were at strategizing and communicating. Robert has since built SIGWATCH into the world’s leading research and strategy consultancy on understanding the impact and potential of activism.

David Hamon, Head of Research

David is a public policy specialist with experience working across a range of core sustainability issues. Originally from London, he studied for a BA in Philosophy and German in Nuremberg, Germany, before returning to complete an MSc in International Public Policy at UCL, where he focused on international conflict and security. Prior to joining SIGWATCH, David worked in diverse fields including market research, teaching, and sales, and has also published academic articles in literary studies. David is fluent in German, and is learning Russian and Chinese.

Catalina Becerra Trujillo, Research Associate

Catalina is a qualified attorney from Colombia, where she advocated for victims of state-perpetrated human rights violations, as well as practising as an in-house commercial attorney. She specialises in public international law, primarily the intersection of international economic law and human rights. She recently completed an LLM from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she focused on human rights clauses imposed on foreign investors in international investment agreements for her dissertation. Catalina is fluent in English and Spanish, and is learning French and Portuguese.

Max Barnes, Business Development Lead

Max is a business development professional with 5 years of experience facilitating the management of reputational risks across the media landscape. In his previous roles, he has worked with multinationals on managing reputation drivers within ESG and stakeholder groups such as NGOs, and he brings a wealth of practical knowledge to SIGWATCH. Max also holds a Finance and Business degree from Bournemouth University.

Benjamin Warburton, Account Manager & Business Development

Ben is a graduate of the University of East Anglia with a BA in History of Art. He is proud to be dyslexic and sees it as adding a unique quality to the way he works. After graduating he went on to work for the adult educational college, City Lit where he supported their Art Department. He also has experience working with e-commerce company Apatchy.

Arpita Raj, Editorial and Marketing Manager

Arpita is an English literature graduate and former journalist from India, with over 4 years of experience in print and digital news. She has an MSc in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, where she focused on policy analysis and development practice. Her Masters dissertation was on the declining welfare state under neoliberalism in India and its related policy and execution challenges.

Richard Blood, Production Supervisor

Richard trained as a Chartered Accountant and has worked in banking, engineering, retail, B2B communications and freight-forwarding insurance brokering. Additionally, he has worked as a consultant on quality management, including a spell at Denton Hall solicitors, and as a manager/analyst for Manifest proxy voting agency. Richard has a degree in Business and Commerce from Birmingham, UK.