Wednesday 9 November 2016 2:33 pm

Sadiq Khan wants Donald Trump to do everything in his power to unite America

Sadiq Khan has called on Donald Trump to "do everything in his power" to unite America after a highly divisive US election campaign.

The Mayor of London said the President-elect has "clearly won" the contest, but warned that "emotions are understandably running high".

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of Donald Trump or the way he has conducted his campaign, but he has clearly won the US presidential election. The campaign divided America — and the world — and emotions are understandably running high.

“I hope Donald Trump will now do everything in his power to unite people and bring divided communities back together. I wish him well,” the Mayor said.

He tweeted his support out for the Democrat Hillary Clinton last night – very subtle.

The Mayor and the President-elect haven't exactly seen eye to eye during the US election campaign.

Khan came out all-guns-blazing against Trump when his controversial comments about banning Muslims from entering the US came to light.

Trump later said that it was "just a suggestion" and Khan could be "an exception".

When he was elected in May, Khan said the Conservatives were using Trump-esque tactics, describing his rival Zac Goldsmith's strategy as "something straight out of the Donald Trump playbook".