Wednesday 8 February 2017 11:59 am

Sadiq Khan is going on a European tour next month

London mayor Sadiq Khan is to embark on a European tour to promote the capital as the government approaches the formal launch of Brexit talks.

Khan will visit five major capitals over six days to push the “London is Open” campaign, and boost ties with European politicians and business leaders.

As well as visiting Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw, Khan will use a stop in Brussels to meet with EU representatives, with the trip scheduled for late March.

Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to trigger Article 50 and begin EU divorce proceedings by the end of next month.

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Khan will seek to discuss London's needs from Brexit negotiations, as well as issues like air quality, the night-time economy and the need for social integration. Security collaboration is also expected to be covered.

“Our connections on the continent are more important than ever before and, regardless of Brexit, we will continue to work closely together for our mutual benefit,” Khan said.

“London will remain the best place in the world to do business and our collaboration with other major European cities will not cease.”

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Firms from the mayor's International Business Programme, which promotes London-based companies with growth and export opportunities overseas, will accompany the mayor in Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

Khan previously travelled with a trade delegation of 30 firms on his trip to the United States, with several of those who joined the mayor now reporting improved transatlantic trade.