Monday 20 April 2015 9:02 pm

Russell Brand and BBC lift Audioboom’s podcast audience

Online podcast provider Audioboom has been living up to its name lately, reporting explosive growth in content and registered users in yesterday’s performance update. Audioboom, home of The Russell Brand Podcast, signed on over 150 new content partners in March, acquiring programs like BBC Radio’s Six O’Clock News and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The additions brought the total of active content partners to 2,400. March saw substantial expansion in the number of registered users, with a record 200,000 sign-ups. Audioboom now has 3.6m users. The mobile app enjoyed 244,000 installations in March. Companies like McDonald’s and Walmart have jumped on to capitalise on Audioboom’s success, with ad campaigns to accompany Audioboom content. The good news might help offset the losses announced in its latest financial report. For the 11 months to 30 November, pre-tax losses were £3.874m, up 148 per cent on 2013.