Thursday 21 May 2020 12:01 am

Revealed: The most applied-for jobs during the Covid-19 crisis

Delivery drivers and warehouse workers are among the roles that have received the highest number of job applications during the Covid-19 crisis, a new report has revealed.

Data published today by Linkedin showed that critical frontline jobs have been inundated with applications as companies respond to shifting demand during the lockdown.

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Delivery drivers were the most sought-after roles as the lockdown has sparked increased demand for deliveries across the retail, logistics and manufacturing sectors.

This was followed by warehouse operatives, as the widespread closure of shops has led to a rise in online shopping.

Sales development representatives and risk analysts were also in the top five, while increased demand from essential shops such as supermarkets sparked a surge in retail assistant applications.

The figures highlight the shifting landscape of the UK workforce as the coronavirus crisis pushes the economy into a deep recession.

Widespread layoffs and the use of the government’s furlough scheme has put millions of people out of work, while critical sectors have been forced to expand staff numbers to cope with increased demand.

“We’re seeing high demand from applicants for roles in industries such as retail and consumer goods which have been creating new opportunities for jobseekers during the pandemic due to changing consumer needs,” said Janine Chamberlin, director of talent solutions at LinkedIn.

“With many people continuing to see their employment circumstances change, it’s likely that talent professionals will be inundated with a higher volume of applications for these roles.”

But while some sectors can offer opportunities to jobseekers, the pandemic is likely to spark a crisis for UK recruitment.

UK jobless claims soared 69.1 per cent – or by 856,000 – to 2.1m in April, according to the latest figures.

Moreover, a report released earlier this week by the Chartered Institute of Professional Development warned the UK job market would take a “significant turn for the worse” over the next three months.

More than half of private sector firms are preparing to freeze pay for the next 12 months, while hiring intentions have fallen to their lowest levels on record, according to the research.

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The figures highlight the importance of the government’s job retention scheme, but will also raise concerns about what will happen when the support is removed.

Last week chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the scheme, which is currently covering 80 per cent of the wages of 7.5m people, would be extended to October.