Monday 1 February 2016 7:07 am

Now you can use taxi app Gett as a courier service throughout London

First they brought us champagne, then they brought us wine. Now taxi app firm Gett is branching into courier services, offering customers an on-demand way of picking up and delivering parcels in and around central London. 

Launching today (1 February), Gett Courier will collect a parcel within 20 minutes, and deliver it within an hour as long as the destination is within Zone One. Users will be able to track their delivery driver on screen.

Gett will continue to use aspiring Black Cab drivers who are studying for the knowledge, known as "knowledge boys". 

The service starts at a flat fee of £6 if the pickup and destination addresses are both within Zone 1. For addresses outside Zone 1, a fixed price will be confirmed when you enter the destination in the app at the time of booking.

The service will be available from 9am to 9pm daily, for packages that fit into a standard A4 box and are a maximum of 5kg in weight.  Gett claims its service is up to 30 per cent cheaper than other couriers.

"Delivering spontaneous gifts or misplaced belongings is no longer a laborious, expensive inconvenience to someone’s day," the company said. 

Remo Gerber, Gett’s UK chief executive, said: “We’re delighted to offer Gett Courier alongside our other products and services in the app, and we were thrilled to see our revolutionary on-demand services enjoyed by so many last year. With considerable customer demand for a more efficient and affordable courier service, we’re excited to now be bringing this service to busy Londoners."