Friday 19 August 2016 12:17 pm

The Night Tube is nigh - but Sadiq Khan has raised some potential "teething problems"

You'd be hard pushed to find anyone who's sour about the Night Tube finally coming into service tonigh

We've already identified some key benefits – and most Londoners, retail groups and even the RMT seem to be excited about it. 

Naturally, the mayor of London is pretty smitten too. But with great power comes great responsibility and Sadiq Khan has identified some key concerns, which he described to LBC as potential "teething problems".

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1. Litter collection

There was a trial session last weekend and one of the problems was around litter collection. After all, who wants a dirty Tube? Khan doesn't want it to accumulate on the lines.

2. People leaving

People need leave the stations during the course of the night, of course. Khan wants to make sure people can depart tube stations safely.

3. Antisocial behaviour

No surprises here. It is the Night Tube, after all. But there will be more British police officers helping out, with an estimated 100 more officers on duty tonight in order to combat problems. 

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The good news is, Khan said it's not beyond the wit of Londoners to do it, given other cities around the world are already up and running with similar services. What a relief.