Wednesday 6 January 2021 6:20 pm

Nigel Farage gets approval to launch new political party Reform UK

Nigel Farage and prominent Brexiteer Richard Tice have been given the green light to start a new political party called Reform UK.

The Telegraph reports that the Electoral Commission today approved the pair’s application to change the name of their Brexit Party to the new moniker.

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Farage is reportedly planning on recruiting 1,000 candidates to stand in this year’s upcoming May local elections.

Little has been revealed of what Reform UK will stand for, however it is believed the party will push for a more lax approach toward Covid-19 restrictions.

“This is great news and the perfect time in the New Year,” Farage said.

“The need for Reform is greater than ever as we try to recover from Covid.

“We have a huge opportunity as a nation post-Brexit, but there are many areas of the UK that need real, bold reform: our economy, House of Lords, BBC, civil service, the voting system to mention a few.”

It comes after Farage announced last year that he would be starting a £199 subscription service that promised to help people “take back control” of their personal finances.