Thursday 18 July 2019 11:32 am

New Tube map shows you where to find London’s cheapest pints of beer on a night out

Working out where to enjoy a pint without breaking the bank is one of the common stresses of London life.

Fortunately, fastidious researchers have compiled a redesigned Tube map showing the cheapest pint in the pub closest to every station.

Tube map: The cheapest pints of beer in east London

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The boozers’ Bible, compiled by computer consultancy firm Storekit, revealed that the cheapest pint can be found, unsurprisingly, at two Wetherspoons pubs. 

Tube map: The cheapest pints of beer in north London

The New Fairlop Oak in Fairlop will charge you a mere £1.89 for a pint of Czech lager Kozel, while the Oyster Rooms in Fulham Broadway serves a Greene King Ruddles for the same price.

The cheapest independent pub on the map is the Coach & Horses at Hounslow East, where you can drown your sorrows for just £2 a pint. Suspiciously, however, this pint doesn’t appear to have a name.

Tube map: The cheapest pints of beer in central London

At the other end of the spectrum is Westbourne Park’s Union Tavern, which was named and shamed as the most expensive pub.

The Beavertown Brewery boozer demands an eye-watering £5.55 for its cheapest pint, which is Frontier lager.

The intrepid researchers also broke down the cost of drinking on each line, a useful metric for anyone considering a pub crawl along the London Underground network.

Tube map: The cheapest pints of beer in west London

The Circle line topped the list of expensive lines, with the average cheapest pint coming in at £4.52.

By contrast, the cheapest line is the Metropolitan – the network’s oldest line – which has an average price of £3.77.

Overall, the average cheapest pint across all lines is £3.96.

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For those eager to walk straight from the Tube into the pub, the researchers recommend The Railway Bell in South Woodford or The Famous Cock in Highbury & Islington, which are both a short stumble away from the Tube exit.

Tube map: The cheapest pints of beer in south London

But in contrast, punters in Stanmore have to trek 1.3 miles to their nearest pub – The Three Wishes.

Image credits: Storekit