Monday 2 December 2019 3:18 pm

Nato summit 2019: London road closures map as Trump arrives in UK

World leaders are set to descend on London this week for the 2019 Nato summit.

The main event will take place on Wednesday 4 December at the The Grove Hotel at Chandler’s Cross in Watford, Hertfordshire.

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The heads of state from 28 countries will gather to evaluate Nato’s current strategies and discuss policy direction.

US President Donald Trump will be among those attending and arrives in the UK today.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already suggested its “best” if Trump does not interfere in the general election, due to the President’s track record of commenting on Britain’s affairs.

There are a number of separate events due to take place prior to the summit on Wednesday, however.

An evening event will also be held at Buckingham Palace tomorrow.

Road closures (red) via Met Police

Road closures

It means a number of roads will be closed around central London as well as out toward Watford.

Closures will begin around 11pm tonight, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed, and will remain in place until Wednesday.

Tomorrow roads around Westminster and St James’ Park – Constitution Hill, The Mall, Horse Guards Road and Birdcage Walk, will all be closed.

There will also be a partial closure of Whitehall and Parliament Square as shown in the map above.

Many of the roads are likely to remain open to pedestrians, but may be subject to temporary closures – indicated in yellow.

There will also be a total exclusion zone between 4:30pm and 11:30pm around the area tomorrow, as shown on the map below.

Exclusion zone (pink area) via Met Police

The Police has warned that disruption to travel is likely.

Other roads set to be affected include those around Watford, such as Grove Mill Lane, Fire Tree Hill and Langlebury Lane, all of which will be closed tomorrow and Wednesday.

Hemsptead Road between Hunton Bridge roundabout and Courtlands Drive will also be closed on Wednesday only.