Monday 14 July 2014 8:42 pm

Treasury Tinder: New networking tool for civil servants likened to dating app

There’s no need to get drunk at the office Christmas party to meet the guy or gal of your dreams these days – well, not if you work at Her Majesty’s Treasury, that is. The government’s new dating system, sorry, networking tool, has been eagerly welcomed by No. 11 wags. They’ve already nicknamed it Treasury Tinder, after the location-based app that helps users to hook up with someone close by. The scheme, which randomly matches civil servants for coffee dates, is known officially as “randomised coffee trials” – a nerdy play on the phrase “randomised control trials”, which are used to test government policies. Employees sign up for the voluntary plan and are paired with a randomly-selected colleague from the department’s 1,131-strong workforce. The initiative was kicked off by innovation charity Nesta last year, based on the idea that it could “create an institutionalised space for serendipity”. The Capitalist can not yet confirm how “serendipitous” the Treasury’s meetings have proved …