Wednesday 14 December 2016 12:15 pm

Meantime Bespoke will create your perfect pint based on your DNA

A London brewer has made a personalised beer based on his own DNA, and now the brewery is opening the bespoke service to the public.

Eager brewers-to-be will now have the option of blending a custom-made brew designed to appeal to their taste buds for a mere £25,000 at Meantime Bespoke, a new venture by Meantime Brewing Company, one of the UK's leading craft brewers.

Ciaran Giblin, the brewmaster behind Meantime brewery, was the first to trial the experiment, and according to the company he was the first to ever embark on such a journey for the perfect pint.

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Meantime's exclusive service will allow customers to work with a team to customise every element of the brewing process – from adding the hops and grains to taste testing to creating packaging and design.

All Meantime needs is a saliva sample, which is analysed by personal genetics company 23andMe to create a unique flavour profile.

Customers will receive a minimum of 12 hectolitres of their personalised brew – that's equal to more than 2,000 pints.

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Customers who are willing to part with more cash have a slew of added options, including serving their beer in Meantime tasting rooms, sending kegs to their local pubs, creating a personalised pint glass moulded to fit their hand and receiving expert help to create the beer's design and label.

Giblin said:

Having been aware of the potential of at-home genetic mapping, I sent a simple saliva sample to 23andMe; the results gave me the tools I needed to develop a recipe based on the elements my senses are most attuned to enjoy. I’m delighted with the result and opportunity it has given us to really push the boundaries of innovative, personalised brewing.