Friday 7 August 2020 12:23 pm

Massive £280,000 Tote Scoop6 pot up for grabs at Ascot on Saturday

Bill Esdaile is City A.M. racing editor and managing director of Square in the Air.

Saturday’s Tote Scoop6 has a huge £280,000 pool up for grabs, and for as little as a £2 stake, you could land the pot. The task? Pick the winners of the six selected races and the rolling win fund and a shot at a massive Bonus fund will be yours!

The Scoop6 sounds hard – is it even possible? 

Winning the Scoop6 is far from easy, but it is very possible, given some preparation and a sprinkling of luck. Unlike a lottery, the numbers are not randomly generated, and you’re not restricted to one number or horse in each of the six legs. Creating a “perm” bet means your stake will increase, but so will your chance of winning.

There are numerous factors which determine the outcome of a race. By using simple form tools, you can quickly create shortlists of the most likely winners of the six Scoop6 contests, discarding those with little chance of winning. At this point, you’re in a position to start building a strong perm.

How do I maximise my chances of winning the £280,000 Scoop6?

Form – Visit your favoured set of racecards and start assessing the form. Usually horse racing bettors use sites like the Racing Post, At The Races or Timeform, but any newspaper or online racecards can help you get the basic information you need. From there, you can determine which horses arrive in-form, which ones have conditions of the race (course and distance or “CD” winners are a big positive!) to suit and which trainers and jockeys are the ones to keep on your side. 

Shortlisting – This is a really important step. By using form, stats and information readily available online, you can quickly peel a 12 runner race down to two, three or four horses you feel have the best chance. Narrow the field by crossing off the horses with the smallest chances of winning, and keep the hot horses you like on your Scoop6 shortlist. Take your shortlist of horses for each of the six legs onto the final perm building stages.

Bankers – Within your six leg perm, you will want to have a couple of “Banker” picks. These are horses who clearly standout from the field and the ones you feel have a great chance of winning, without the need to bolster up with other horses in those legs. Having two, three or even four bankers in your perm will reduce your stake and give you a chance to test your eye for picking a hot fancy.

Perm building – So you have your shortlists and your banker picks for the six races in this weekend’s Scoop6, now is the time to build your perm. Let’s assume you have: two horses in Leg 1, one in Leg 2, three in Leg 3, one in Leg 4, one in Leg 5 and two in Leg six. This is how your perm looks: 2 x 1 x 3 x 1 x 1 x 2. You then multiply the lines to get the total, in this: 12 Lines. The minimum stake per line is £2, multiplied by your 12 lines = a stake of £24

If you’re a small stakes player, having six bankers on a single, £2 line is a popular method. But by perming up on some of the trickier legs, your chances of winning substantially increase.

Friends – Pooling some brain power!

Another fun way to increase your chance of winning this weekend’s £250,000 is by partnering up with a couple of friends to create a Scoop6 syndicate. Get a “Mission Scoop6” WhatsApp group on the go and start pooling some brain power and, of course, chip in together to create a solid perm. £24 split three ways is just £8. By adding some more lines, you could have an even bigger perm, a better chance of winning a huge sum and still keep the bet perfectly affordable and within your comfort zone.