Friday 9 October 2015 12:54 pm

The best iPhone 6S alternatives: The latest range of Android phones are worth ditching Apple for

Fingerprint scanners belong on the back of the phone. That’s the loud and clear message from the latest slew of Android hardware to hit the shelves. Google’s own Nexus 5X and 6P have shifted the ‘print-sensor round the rear, as has the latest Huawei phone, the Honor 7. And it makes a whole lot of sense, because that’s where fingers go. That’s where fingers belong. 

It’s rare that Android handsets out-innovate Apple’s own, so cherish this moment of canny fingerprint-sensing. Cherish it by considering these four alternatives to the new iPhone 6S.

Huawei Honor 7 – £249.99

The sturdily built Honor 7 from Huawei is a mid-range smartphone with beefy specs and a battery life that just keeps going. A fingerprint scanner positioned on the phone’s rear feels a more natural placement than Apple or Samsung’s thumb-sensing home button. You can even use swiping gestures on said scanner to activate certain Android functions. Coming in under £250 makes it one of the best value for money smartphones available today.

Nexus 5X – From £339

This redesigned and improved Nexus 5 features an overhauled camera that excels in low-light conditions, a rear-positioned fingerprint scanner and the newly standard USB Type-C connector, which pumps the phone full of the delicious electricity and data it craves.

Nexus 6P – From £449

Larger and more powerful than its relatively dinky 5X sibling, the 6P boasts a sumptuous 5.7 inch screen and “aeronautical-grade aluminum” casing. A truly premium piece of tech at a startlingly affordable price point, the sleek 6P powerhouse is a genuine contender to Apple’s dominance. 

Galaxy S6 Edge – From £669

Regarded by many as the greatest Android phone ever made, Samsung’s phone is about as top-end as handsets go. The gently curved screen edge is more than a gimmick, offering convenient functionality and more detailed notifications while the phone’s on standby.