Friday 9 August 2019 11:22 am

Huawei unveils Harmony operating system as it weans itself off Google Android

Huawei has unveiled a new operating system for smartphones and other devices, as US trade restrictions threaten its access to American technologies such as Android. 

The Chinese firm said its smartphones will continue to use Google’s Android operating system for the moment, but that Harmony could replaced Android “immediately” if necessary. 

“Harmony OS is completely different from Android and iOS,” said Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer business group.

The new operating system will be gradually rolled out across support devices such as smartwatches, speakers, and virtual reality gadgets.

Harmony is part of a wider drive by Huawei to fast-track the development of its own technologies and reduce reliance on US firms as the US-China trade war intensifies. 

US companies are currently banned from doing business with Huawei, and it was announced yesterday that US government agencies have been barred from buying the company’s products. 

The government is currently determining whether Huawei will be allowed to participate in the UK’s 5G network, which is in the process of being developed.