Thursday 15 October 2015 9:46 pm

How Winterflood's founder went from Freemason to gangster

Winterflood Securities founder Brian Winterflood has had one hell of a year. The brokerage’s top dog is well-known in the City for his love of unusual and dangerous holidays, but last year’s trip to the North Pole with wife Doreen left more than a lasting impression on the couple.

“It was on my bucket list,” the City senior told The Capitalist about his Arctic expedition. “My wife wasn’t terribly pleased when I suggested it, but now she can’t stop talking about it.”

But alas, while the sights were truly magnificent, there was a casualty along the way.

Winterflood had complained of an injury to his pinky finger all holiday, and having reached his breaking point pleadedwith the ship’s doctor to have it cut off altogether. Sadly, being a mere doctor for a tourist cruiser, the medic wasn’t up to the job.

Unlike the famously frosty-fingered Ranulph Fiennes, who cut his own frostbitten appendages off with nothing but a blade during his own Arctic expedition, Winterflood resisted taking matters into his own hands and kept all his extremities while holidaying with the missus.

The problem persisted long after the icy adventure, and following his return to the City Winterflood had another physician remove the offending finger.

Winterflood casually showed The Capitalist his hand (minus one finger) over coffee at the firm’s Cannon Street offices yesterday. “I was sick of people thinking I was a Freemason every time I needed to shake someone’s hand. Rather unfortunately, the doctor reckons I now look more like a Japanese gangster.” Itaidesu!