Sunday 28 June 2015 7:54 am

Greek debt crisis: Gretigue? Alexis Tsipras vents on Twitter as bailout referendum and ECB decision looms

Maybe he's a bit tired and emotional as his country teeters on the edge of default – and let's face it, everyone else trying to keep up with developments in Greece certainly is, in what's been dubbed "Gretigue" – but Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has vented his frustrations in a hashtag fueled tirade against Europe's tactics.

In a series of late night and early morning Tweets before the Greek parliament's vote to hold a referendum on new bailout terms, Tsipras accused Europe's leaders of stifling democracy.

He claimed that a no vote by the Greek people in the referendum which is due to be held on 5 July, will give the country "a much stronger negotiating position".

While the leaders of Greece and Europe have spent the week in face-to-face emergency talks which have ultimately been fruitless in terms of securing a new deal before Greece's default deadline with creditors, it was only via Twitter that Brussels learned of Tsipras's move to call a referendum, according to Bloomberg.

It's not the first time Tsipras has vented his frustrations with the week's negotiations on Twitter, but the mood has turned more sour as any hopes of an agreement look increasingly unlikely.

The European Central Bank is considering its emergency lifeline of loans to the country after Tsipras's surprise move to put new bailout deal terms to the public vote which won't be held until after its current terms expire.