Thursday 12 November 2020 12:01 am

Google searches for 'takeaway pints' rise 3,000% in a week

Brits are missing the pub during the latest coronavirus lockdown, new research showed, as searches for reopening dates and takeaway pints rocketed during the first week of new restrictions.

According to analysis of Google data, last week searches for “when can pubs reopen in England” soared 2,501 per cent.

Meanwhile, the question “what pubs are doing takeaway pints?” surged 2,938 per cent in the first week since hospitality venues were ordered to close for the second time this year.

Pubs and restaurants were initially told that they were not allowed to sell takeaway pints under the rules of the second England-wide coronavirus lockdown, which came into force last Thursday.

However, it was later announced that “click-and-collect” and phone orders of alcohol are allowed from pubs and microbreweries during England’s second lockdown.

Conservative MP Richard Holden tweeted that takeaway orders will be allowed even as pubs and restaurants close in new restrictions.

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“Delighted to be able to confirm – “Click-and-collect” & phone orders of alcohol will now be allowed from pubs and microbreweries during lockdown,” he said.

Some trends that began in the first lockdown over the summer continued, including an interest in DIY. B&Q opening information was the third most popular query during the week.

On Monday, searches for Joe Wicks workouts spiked as people sought to get fit at home while gyms are closed.