Tuesday 31 August 2021 12:04 pm

Google invests £859m in German clean energy and digital infrastructure

Google has announced it will invest €1bn (£859m) in German clean energy and digital infrastructure between now and 2030.

Today, the tech behemoth has agreed a 92 megawatt deal with ENGIE, a large European utility company, which will  assemble a green energy portfolio on Google’s behalf. The company is aiming for its German operations to run on 80 per cent carbon-free electricity by 2022 with a view to transitioning to 100 per cent carbon-free energy by 2030.

In a blog post Google said: “beyond our own goals, this agreement establishes a roadmap for other companies to follow as we work together to decarbonize electricity use and support Europe’s green recovery.”

With the help of ENGIE, Google will purchase electricity from 23 renewable energy projects in five German states some of which will be newly-built from scratch.

In addition to signing the deal with ENGIE, Google also announced plans to expand its cloud based infrastructure in Germany. The tech giant will launch a new cloud region in Berlin-Brandenburg and expand its existing cloud region in Frankfurt to increase access to its web hosting and development services.

“We are pleased to continue delivering one of the cleanest clouds in the industry to our customers,” a spokesperson for Google added.

Google Cloud reported revenue of $4.63bn in the second quarter of 2021, up by 54 per cent from $3bn in Q2 2020. Today, the company’s share price is up 0.41 per cent.

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