Go green or go home: employees’ demand for sustainable business travel hikes

The majority of UK workers want to cut air travel and expect their employers to provide sustainable business travel solutions.

Data from Trainline Partner Solutions has revealed that 53 per cent of UK employees believe that, before the pandemic, businesses were irresponsible with their levels of business travel, with 31 per cent admitting they had to fly for work or would risk losing their jobs.

In a post-Covid world, the failure to offer alternative and more sustainable travel solutions is expected to become a major issue for businesses.

Overall, 71 per cent of workers have stated that non-environmentally conscious companies set a bad example, while 73 per cent demand employers to provide information about the impact of required business travel.

Among young people, one in five would consider quitting their job as a result of business travel policies.

“The notion of travel for work is becoming increasingly fluid,” said Trainline’s president Champa Magesh.

“Employers are looking for more control over an increasing variety of travel options and help making more sustainable journeys, [while] employees are asking for personalised travel solutions that are more tailored to their needs.”