Monday 11 July 2016 11:08 am

David Cameron has announced a new defence partnership with Boeing at the opening of the Farnborough Airshow

David Cameron has appeared at the Farnborough Airshow to announce a deal with Boeing to create 2,000 new jobs in the UK.

The US giant will also increase R&D spending, and work with the government to build a new £100m operational support and training base at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland.

Boeing will also increase bid opportunities for UK suppliers, and make Britain its European base for training, maintenance, repair and overhaul across its defence business.

At the same time, Cameron has also confirmed a deal to buy nine new Boeing P8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft to protect UK aircraft carriers.

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“Whatever uncertainties our country faces, I want the message to go out loud and clear: the UK will continue to lead the world in both civil and defence aerospace,” Cameron said.

“We aren’t just open for investment; we are a place the global aerospace industry wants to do business – as Boeing’s long term partnership with the UK proves.”

The government has also committed to £365m of new aerospace research and development, jointly funded by the taxpayer and the industry, as part of the Aerospace Growth Partnership, first announced in 2010.