Tuesday 30 April 2019 4:13 pm

European elections poll: Conservatives trail Brexit party and Labour with 13 per cent of vote

A new poll has put the Conservatives behind Labour, the Brexit party and Change UK as voters prepare for the European elections almost three years since 2016's vote to quit the EU.

Theresa May's party is on track to win just 11 per cent of the vote in London, well behind Labour’s 28 per cent, and even trailing Change UK – The Independent Group's 17 per cent, according to the latest Yougov poll.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party fare surprisingly well in the remain heartlands of the capital, with 19 per cent putting them in second place among Londoners.

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The national situation is no better for the Tories, with just 13 per cent of voters planning to back the party's MEPs, putting them in third place behind the Brexit party’s 28 per cent, and Labour’s 22 per cent.

It comes as grassroots Conservatives forced a symbolic summit today to vote on whether the Prime Minister should quit.

Change UK, which includes in its parliamentary ranks former Tory MPs Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston and Anna Soubry, is only set to win 10 per cent of the national vote, but beating the Tories in London will be seen as particularly damaging for the Conservatives, especially when the breakaway party was only officially registered by the electoral commission on 15 April.

The results also show the stark contrast in national preferences between older and younger voters, with a massive 43 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds signalling support for Labour, and a further 15 per cent of that age group favouring the Green party.

At the other end of the age divide, Nigel Farage’s new anti-EU party has 43 per cent of support from those aged over 65, and also comes out ahead in the 50-64 age range at 36 per cent.

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Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats’ position as the default anti-Brexit party appears to have been usurped by Change UK, with them behind in sixth place nationally, on just seven per cent, and mustering 10 per cent in London, tying them with the Greens in the capital.