Sunday 8 September 2019 4:32 pm

Disney rents Pinewood studios as original content war cranks up

Disney is said to have agreed to rent most of production hub Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, in a move which intensifies the battle for Britain’s production talent.

The film and TV giant has reportedly signed a decade-long lease for the entire space, except for a handful of TV studios.

Pinewood has spawned generations of film hits since it opened in 1936, including the James Bond franchise, Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The news was first reported by the Sunday Times.

The move follows Netflix’s announcement that it plans to create a major production centre at Pinewood’s Shepperton studios to make original shows.

Britain’s rich history in film and TV has made its studios among the most in-demand on the plant among the US entertainment giants.

Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Disney are pumping out thousands of hours of original shows every year across their streaming platforms in a bid to become the primary streaming platform.

Main image: Getty