Friday 25 August 2017 9:08 am Appscatter

Demystifying Android's Alternative App Stores

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Whether you’re looking to expand the reach of your app or more effectively target a specific international region, the alternative app store scene presents enormous opportunities for app developers and publishers alike. Here are some of the best alternative app stores if your app is built on the Android framework.


With over 200,000 users worldwide and 3 billion downloads, Aptoide is one of the largest independent Android app stores. Aptoide will support you in creating and developing your own brand, with the option of creating your own mini app store. Your app store, created through Aptoide, will keep all your apps in one place; making it easier for your customers to see all you have to offer. It is free to register and can take as little as 10 minutes to create a developers account.

Operating System: Android

Territories: 241

Number of Apps: 700,000


Mobango is perfect for developers who are looking to make their mark on the Indian app market. Although Mobango is an international store it is the leading app store in India, with over over 80% of total downloads from India alone. Mobango has a real-time analytics platform (a feature that very few store offer) where you can track how well your apps are being received. The submission process is fairly standard and takes up to 7 days for you app to be published.

Operating System: Android and Blackberry

Territories: 139

Number of Apps: 120,000


Like Mobango, Yandex is one of the few app stores to have their own analytics platform (AppMetrica). Using AppMetrica you can analyse consumer behaviours as well as ad campaign performance. Yandex.Store is the leading store in Russia, with a significant footprint in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. Uploading to Yandex.Store will give you access to Yandex’s 45 million monthly visitors in Russia alone.

Operating System: Android

Territories: 212

Number of Apps: 120,000