Monday 23 March 2020 5:09 pm

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson's designated survivor is Dominic Raab

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab will take over prime ministerial duties if Boris Johnson is infected with coronavirus or is otherwise incapacitated.

A Number 10 spokesperson, when asked who would take over in this situation, said today that Raab would fill-in as he was first secretary of state.

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“The prime minister has the power to delegate responsibility to any of his ministers but, for now, it’s the prime minister and then the foreign secretary,” they said.

The spokesperson also stressed that Johnson was in good health.

It comes after several alleged rows over who should take over if the Prime Minister was unable to fulfill his duties.

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The Sunday Times reported yesterday that some ministers were pushing for cabinet office minister Michael Gove to be the preferred successor.

A source told The Sunday Times that there was also “tensions over where responsibilities begin and end” between Gove and health secretary Matt Hancock during high-level Covid-19 meetings.

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Unlike in the US, there is no formal chain of command to decide who takes up the mantle of prime minister if Johnson is unable to fulfill his duties.

The Conservative party also traditionally does not appoint deputy leaders.