Tuesday 24 September 2019 5:21 pm

Corbyn rails against 'unfit' PM - but rules out pre-Halloween election

Jeremy Corbyn has attacked Boris Johnson for being unfit to be Prime Minister – but ruled out holding a General Election while no deal Brexit remains a threat.

Speaking just hours after a Supreme Court ruled Johnson’s prorogation “unlawful”, the Labour leader said his rival should resign, and said government “will be held to account for what it has done”.

“[Johnson thinks he’s above us all,” Corbyn told Brighton delegates. “He is part of an elite that disdains democracy. He is not fit to be prime minister.”

Corbyn added that “this crisis” can only be settled with an election.

“That election needs to take place as soon as this government’s threat of a disastrous No Deal is taken off the table,” he added. “That condition is what MPs passed into law before Boris Johnson illegally closed down parliament.” 

Calling it an “extraordinary and precarious moment in our country’s history”, Corbyn went on to attack the government for positioning itself as anti-establishment.

“They will never be on the side of the people when supporting the people might hit them and their super-rich sponsors where it hurts – in their wallets and offshore bank accounts,” he added.

Corbyn rattled through Labour’s various policies during his speech, including increased taxes for the top five per cent of earners and the National Care Service. He also confirmed plans for a state-owned generic drugs manufacturer.

Corbyn also used his speech to take aim at “those who really run our country – the financial speculators, tax dodgers and big polluters – so the real wealth creators, the people of this country, can have the jobs, services and futures they deserve”.

And, after explaining the reasoning for Labour’s neutral position on Brexit, he added: “We stand not just for the 52 per cent or the 48 per cent but for the 99 per cent.”

Main image: Getty