Monday 20 September 2021 10:25 pm

Cardano promises 'industry-defining announcements' at its biggest ever summit

Cardano says it will make some ‘industry defining’ announcements at its huge summit this weekend.

The companies behind the blockchain are gearing up to stage the Cardano Summit 2021 – a hybrid event being held in-person across six hubs in Africa, Europe, and the US.

Bringing together blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts, and special guests to reflect on the project’s impressive year, the Cardano Summit will also look to the future with some exclusive announcements.

Online delegates will be able to use the latest technology – previously employed by industry heavyweights such as Google – which incorporates a suite of social, video and interactive features. Community-led events will also be happening across six continents and more than 50 countries. 

Throughout 2021, Cardano has demonstrated its dedication to improving systems across the globe, while democratising opportunities in the process.

Its largest blockchain partnership to date has been with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia to create digital IDs for students, giving them blockchain-verified digital qualifications to reduce fraudulent university and job applications, as well as increasing social mobility.

Last week, it announced the completion of its Alonso upgrade which saw 100 smart contracts processed in its first 24 hours.

Exclusive announcements

The Cardano Summit takes place on September 25 and 26 – just days before the Crypto AM Summit and Awards – and will feature prominent political figures, tech and business leaders with some exclusive announcements which have been described as ‘ground-breaking’.

Special guests will feature in high-level discussions, including a deep dive into the future of national currency and a special appearance from Misan Harriman, Chair of the Southbank Centre, discussing NFTs and the future of art.

Further panels will cover topics such as sustainability, regulation, blockchain adoption and how to give access to vital financial and social services to those 1.7 billion adults who currently don’t have it. 

IOHK, the blockchain research and development company behind Cardano, will bring together leading scientist and published academics in the field of blockchain.

Ahead of the summit, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK reflected on Cardano’s growth over the last six years.

“The Cardano summit 2021 follows the launch of smart contract capabilities on Cardano, and a remarkable six years of intensive development and peer-reviewed academic research to create a third generation blockchain platform which is not only eco-friendly, but provably secure,” he said.

“The latest Cardano upgrade represents a huge leap forward in terms of bringing price stability to the smart contract network as well as addressing the present energy issues.

“Having been proven during extensive, peer-reviewed research and development, we can now expect hundreds of ground-breaking innovations that will change industries far beyond that of blockchain.”