Friday 17 March 2017 7:10 am

Can you vape inside? The 10 rules of vaping etiquette you need to know according to experts Debrett's

Once upon a time you could smoke in bars, have a quick puff of a cigarette on a train, and blow smoke in kids' faces to your hearts content, but thankfully, that's no longer acceptable because we don't live in the blissful ignorance of the Mad Men era.

And with the number of smokers dropping quicker than a smouldering cigarette butt, what exactly are the rules for the vapers of the world?

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Is it ok to vape inside? What about on public transport? Apparently more than half of the UK's 2m vapers don't know what's socially acceptable. This modern day cultural minefield has now been cleared up thanks to the purveyors of politeness at Debrett's and ecigarette company Vype, who know their handkerchiefs from their pocket squares and their desert forks from their snail forks.

These are the 10 faux pas to avoid when vaping:

1. Do not vape in a confined space

2. Do not vape in a restaurant

3. Do not vape in a job interview

4. Do not blow smoke in someone's face

5. Do not vape in a care unless you ask permission

6. Do not vape in queues

7. Do not vape at home without permission

8. Do not vape on public transport

9. Do not vape while someone is cooking

10. Do not vape in bed

And the main lesson? "Don't assume that it’s acceptable, and always to check first," say the experts at Debrett's.

“Vaping is a relatively modern phenomenon, and as such etiquette is still being established. It’s not difficult to be a respectful vaper though – you just need to be courteous and ask permission before engaging in behaviour that may affect others," sid Debrett's Katherine Lewis.