Friday 24 July 2015 12:10 pm

From Cadbury's reducing its variety boxes to everyone leaving London: Here's what got us talking this week

There was a (sexual) revelation. There was a time capsule. And somewhere in a field near Bath, there was a really big emoji.

Here's what got us talking this week

1. The mysterious case of the shrinking Roses 
We were up in arms when we learned Cadbury's dastardly plans to cut the size of our favourite Christmas variety boxes. You'll get around 11 fewer sweets in each family sized tin of Roses or Heroes (but the price will remain the same). Just as well we haven't done our Christmas shopping (unlike a million Britons who already have) so we can give the chocolatiers a lump of coal. 
Maybe it's not such a bad thing though. After all, we also learned that fatherhood makes men pile on the pounds – even if they don't live with their child.
It's enough to you make you scream. But which country screams for ice cream? Here's the scoop.  
2 . Londoners are moving on with their lives
It's not us. It's London. Maybe it's the cost of living but people are deserting the capital in their droves. Many of those who have made the move already have gone to the usual satellite suspects, but we were surprised to learn a little Dorset town topped the list as the most popular destination for ex-city slickers.

Why? Here's what we found out about Broadstone.  
And for those of you still looking to take the plunge and get out of the Big Smoke, this article could come in very useful. These are the best commuter towns right now.  
3. If everyone is leaving London, why's the Tube so crowded?
Chalk it up to one of life's puzzles, but just as more people are relocating out of the capital, simultaneously its transport system is getting ever more clogged. The number of people using the Tube is only going one way – but for some stations out there, it's moving way quicker than others.   
4. The Tories' mayoral contest got serious
It's crunch time on Saturday for the seven would-be Conservative candidates, who will battle it out in a popularity contest that sadly involves no revolving chairs or sudden death sing-offs. Will it be Stephen Greenhalgh – current deputy mayor – who spoke to us about his tough stance on crime?  Or live-wire entrepreneur Ivan Massow, who wants to stay at your house (so he can understand the big issues facing Londoners).   Either way, by the end of the process, just three candidates will be on the ballot.

Who goes? You decide.  
5. Success isn't all it's cracked up to be 
Wealthy, healthy, clever and sociable: sounds like the dream combination. But scientists have warned that people this group is at serious risk of harmful drinking when they reach their 50s for those who are ageing “successfully”. Time to stop raising your glass for winning at life.

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