Tuesday 23 August 2016 3:22 pm

Brexit campaigners slam Swedish PM on Brexit

Pro-Brexit campaigners have lambasted comments made by the Swedish Prime Minister that British "aggressiveness" on some issues could cause snags in EU-UK negotiations.

Stefan Löfven said earlier this week that the UK should avoid drastic steps, including cutting corporation tax, as it prepares for talks.

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"If the UK wants some time to think about the situation, this will also give EU countries some time,” Loefven told Bloomberg.

“On the other hand, you hear about plans in the UK to, for example, lower corporate taxes considerably. If they, during this time, begin that kind of race, that will of course make discussions more difficult.”

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Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg told City A.M.: "It is not an EU competence so has nothing to do with the Brexit negotiations."

Meanwhile, Labour MP Kate Hoey said: "The British people voted to leave the EU precisely because they want our country to be run by British politicians. The sooner the rest of the EU's own politicians recognise this the better. We don't need any advice on tax rates from them."