Tuesday 7 January 2020 10:37 pm

Boris Johnson to tell Von Der Leyen trade deal must be done without extension

Boris Johnson will tell the new European Commission president that a post-Brexit trade deal must be concluded before the end of December 2020, refusing to consider any extension.

The Prime Minister is hosting Ursula Von Der Leyen in Downing Street this afternoon, in the pair’s first meeting since she took the reins from Jean-Claude Juncker.

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which passed its third reading in the Commons late last night, will enshrine the deadline in UK law. 

As well as telling Von Der Leyen there will be “no extension to the implementation period, which will end in December 2020 a set out in the political declaration” – one of his key election pledges – Johnson will also stress the need for a free trade agreement without alignment to the EU’s rules.

This is central to the government’s hopes of being able to strike free trade deals with other countries, in particular the US.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay and EU Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier will also join for part of the leaders’ meeting.

Main image: Getty