Tuesday 8 December 2020 5:53 pm

Boeing lost 63 more 737 Max orders in November as dire year goes on

Boeing lost 63 orders for the 737 Max last month, even though the plane was finally cleared to fly again by regulators.

In yet another dire month for the US planemaker, orders of all its different models fell by 28 planes in total.

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A number of airlines, including Virgin Australia and Air Canada, scrapped or reduced orders for the 737 Max in November.

Virgin reduced a previous order of 48 of the model to 25 of a newer model with more seats, while Air Canada binned an order of 23 planes.

The figures do not include Ryanair’s decision last week to buy 75 more of the planes, which will give Boeing hope of an improvement performance in December.

The order was the first new deal done for the model since it was cleared to fly again in November after a 20-month grounding due to two fatal crashes.

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In addition, the manufacturing giant delivered just seven planes last month, just one of which was a commercial jet.

It did not manage to deliver a single 737 Max or a 787 Dreamliner in the period.

A combination of constrained demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as manufacturing quality problems, continue to hamper the firm.

By contrast, European rival Airbus delivered 64 planes last month, to take its yearly tally to 477. Boeing’s currently stands at 118.

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In addition, while the French firm has a pipeline of 297 orders for the period from January to November, Boeing has 454 fewer orders than it did at the beginning of the year.