Friday 27 November 2015 8:01 am

Black Friday 2015 UK: Fewer fights - but also fewer deals reported by shoppers as Tesco turns away non-Black Friday bargain hunters

Bargain hunters are experiencing a less stressful Black Friday so far – but they are also reporting fewer must-have deals on sale, as retailers attempt to keep better control on things than last year. 

Last year stores including Tesco opened their doors at midnight – this year those participating in Black Friday today opened at 5am, allowing the supermarket to impose greater controls. For those customers not looking to get in on the day of deals – who are instead hoping to buy some groceries, there was bad news: they had to wait an extra two hours. 

One customer was advised that he couldn't enter the store as he wasn't "wanting to buy a TV today". A Tesco spokesperson confirmed that was official policy today.

He wasn't the only one:

Queues formed in the early hours this morning, with Tesco only allowing 10 people in store at a time. 

But all that careful planning may have put people off. One shopper told the Guardian that while controls had made it safer, there were fewer deals and less excitement as a result. 

And in some parts of the country, the mood had been dampened so much that deals were going ignored, and people on Twitter got a little sarcastic about what is expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year. 

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