Friday 30 October 2015 2:21 pm

Bitcoin price: The digital currency just hit a 2015 high

Bitcoin’s on a roll.

The digital currency has been gaining speed all month, and just zoomed past its July peak to hit a new high for 2015 at $320.

This puts bitcoin up 37 per cent over the month.

Bitcoin prices plummeted over 2014, from a high of $1,150, and 2015 didn’t start much better. The currency began the year by falling 43 per cent to crash through its $180 floor.

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But the once notoriously volatile bitcoin price has stabilised somewhat to trade at an average of $250 this year.

The previous peak came in July: The cryptocurrency soared near $300 over the summer as Greeks flocked to buy it when their country’s financial future hung in the balance, only to fall back down in mid-August.

But the winning streak bitcoin has been on since mid-September has been much slower and steadier, causing experts to suggest that these gains could be more long-lasting.