Sunday 10 April 2016 7:49 pm

Barclays seems confused after news that the bank's execs are trying to boost morale

Barclays is denying claims that the bank's senior staff want employees to boost morale with a friendship survey.

The statement comes after a report this weekend that bankers at the firm will be asked to take part in a survey in the coming weeks which asks staff who their best friend at the firm is.

According to the Sunday Times, the friendship survey comes directly from chief exec Jes Staley, who wants to change the face of banking after criticising the moral culture of the profession last month.

The banking boss said: "A company that retains the loyalty of its employees solely based on compensation is a company that gambles with its institutional culture."

"I want Barclays to be a bank where our employees choose to work here because they believe in the institution, and its intrinsically valuable role in society."

But Barclays' spokespeople are refuting the claims, denying any knowledge of any friendship survey set for distribution in the coming weeks.

"We don't know anything about this. To our knowledge there is no survey coming out in the next few weeks", said a spokesperson who, if the survey does indeed exist, probably won't be who Staley puts down as the best friend.