Tuesday 13 September 2016 9:26 am

Arrogance is the single biggest turn off for recruiters when interviewing candidates

If you're on the hunt for a new career in London's buoyant jobs market, chances are you'll at least meet with a recruiter before you jump ship. 

But when you do, be wary of making the biggest faux pas recruiters have reported seeing time and again in a new survey from cloud-based online meeting platform LyteSpark. 

In a poll of recruiters and employers, arrogance was found to be the biggest turn off when interviewing prospective candidates, with more than two-thirds (67 per cent) frustrated by confidence crossing the line to boasting.

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Alex Hunte, co-founder of online meeting platform LyteSpark, said:

Arrogance is clearly an unbecoming quality when interviewing for a new job. 

It is, of course, important to show confidence and charisma, but there is a very fine line and once you cross it, your chances of progressing are clearly going to be hampered. 

For those who want to avoid being looked over for new roles, almost six in 10 recruiters were most impressed by a candidates ability to "interact naturally", while preparation and eloquence were the second and third best identified qualities. 

While being charismatic and prepared might be favoured by human employers, the rise of robot recruiters (known as disintermediation) has shown personal marketing and optimised digital profiles could be among your best weapons for pinning down that next great role.