Saturday 28 January 2017 4:46 pm

Another Brexit march is coming to London

Another demonstration against the UK leaving the European Union is coming to London on 25 March, the final weekend before the government triggers Article 50.

Unite for Europe is organising the protest because it thinks it "can change minds" and that "Brexit can be stopped".

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The day will also be the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which set up the European Economic Community.

Unite for Europe said in a statement:

The vast majority of our elected MPs support our membership of the European Union, but are being railroaded into a catastrophe by reckless and incompetent leadership

There is a long, unpredictable, road ahead that Parliament will have some (hopefully much!) control over; they need to know just how many votes there are in adopting a pro-EU position.

The march will being at Park Lane and end at Parliament, although the precise route of the march has not yet been decided.

Anyone attending the march has been advised to wear blue and yellow clothing, and bring colourful flags.