Thursday 14 April 2016 9:11 am

Amazon Prime Now one and two-hour delivery comes to Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire

Live in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire? Now you can order from Amazon and get your goods delivered on the very same day and within hours.

Residents in parts of Surrey, including Camberly, Lightwater and Aldershot, will be able to get items – including groceries – delivered within just 60 minutes, while two-hour delivery comes to other parts of Surrey as well as Hampshire and Berkshire.

That will include fresh and frozen groceries such as milk, pizza, fish fingers and fruit juice as it continues to challenge the big supermarkets' online delivery.

The expansion to the suburbs surrounding London follows the roll out initially in London last June. It's also available in several other cities across the UK: Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

“Prime Now is our fastest delivery option ever and from today Prime customers in Surrey can get the items they need quickly delivered right to the door in under an hour. Whether it’s essentials like fresh milk or nappies, or even a last minute gift, customers love the convenience of delivery straight to their door in less than sixty minutes,” said said Jason Weston, director of Amazon’s Prime Now service in the UK.

The expansion comes as a fresh report reveals that 10 per cent of us now turn to online shopping and home delivery as the only way of grocery shopping, shunning bricks and mortar completely. Nearly half use online shopping in addition to heading in to stores, according to new research from Mintel. Online-only shopping rose to 19 per cent among those aged between 25 and 34.

"The majority of online shoppers still mix online shopping with store-based shopping, but consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable shopping at online-only retailers with growth outpacing the total market," said Mintel retail analyst Nick Carroll.