Sunday 24 November 2019 11:27 am

General Election: Conservatives surge in latest polling

The Conservatives now lead by as much as 19 per cent in the latest election polling, with Labour failing to gain any momentum from its manifesto launch.

Figures out today from Opinium/Observer have the Tories up to 47 per cent, Labour on 28 per cent, the Liberal Democrats on 12 per cent and the Brexit Party down to just three per cent.

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The Tories’ vote jumped three points since last week’s poll, while Labour stayed stagnant at 28 per cent.

Today’s YouGov/The Times poll showed the Tories on 42 per cent and Labour on 30 per cent – identical to Wednesday’s numbers.

Both surveys reveal that Labour’s manifesto launch on Thursday and Friday’s leaders’ edition of Question Time has not given the party a polling bounce, unlike in 2017.

Jeremy Corbyn received a large polling boost after launching his party’s manifest in 2017, creating enough momentum to deny Theresa May a majority on election day.

He was also aided by an unpopular Conservative manifesto, led by the so-called “dementia tax”, and May’s widely panned campaign performance.

A repeat of two years ago is looking less likely, after the first seat-by-seat projection predicted the Conservatives to gain a majority of 48.

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The projection, by Datapraxis from YouGov surveys, predicted the Tories would pick up an extra 57 seats, to win a total of 349.

Meanwhile, the projection sees Labour winning just 213 seats – only four more than Labour’s post-war nadir under Michael Foot in 1983.