Steve Dinneen

Steve Dinneen is editor of City A.M. Bespoke magazine and Life&Style editor of City A.M. newspaper, where he does things like review restaurants, interview people and write about culture. 


Friday 22 May 2015
Cert 12a | ★☆☆☆☆  
Friday 22 May 2015
Cert 15 | ★★★★☆   Striking visuals and a wicked sense of style are just enough to carry this enigmatic, at times frustrating Iranian-American vampire story.   
Thursday 21 May 2015
Thursday 21 May 2015
It’s been almost two weeks since I decided to get fit again, using technology to help to keep me motivated.
Wednesday 20 May 2015
The Barge House is adorable.
Friday 15 May 2015
Cert 15 | ★★★★★
Thursday 14 May 2015
★★★★☆   The most hotly awaited device of the year bears all the hallmarks of the Cupertino company.   
Thursday 14 May 2015
Last year I underwent a 10-week fitness program with City gym No 1 Fitness. It involved four personal training sessions a week and eliminating carbs and sugar from my diet. Unsurprisingly, it worked; I ended up fitter than I’d ever been.
Tuesday 12 May 2015
What do you do when you’ve just suffered a humiliating election defeat that virtually nobody on the planet predicted? Why, you board the first flight to Ibiza, of course.
Friday 08 May 2015
Donmar Warehouse | ★★★☆☆   ”I only just wrote some of this... I hope it works out.”   
Friday 01 May 2015
Cert 12a | ★★★★☆  
Friday 01 May 2015
Olivier Theatre | ★★★★☆  
Thursday 30 April 2015
As property prices continue to rise and land available for development dwindles, architects and designers are tasked with devising ways to recommission and re-purpose spaces to make them suitable for modern life.
Thursday 30 April 2015
Back in the dark ages of the mid 2000s, the “quantified self” movement barely existed.
Friday 24 April 2015
Cert 12a | ★★★★☆  
Wednesday 22 April 2015
Is there a greater sign of our times than a hospital closing down to be replaced by a modern European restaurant and some offices? It’s the kind of thing politicians go wild for, especially this close to an election.
Friday 10 April 2015
Cert 15 | ★★★☆☆
Thursday 02 April 2015
Our phones never stop ringing. Emails flood our inboxes. Meetings are an integral part of our working lives (not to mention pre-meetings and de-briefings).
Thursday 02 April 2015
Korean artist Jee Young Lee’s installation pieces transform 3x6m boxes into fantastical, surreal dreamscapes. In some, scores of painted fans form psychedelic clouds, or a swirling ocean sucking the artist into its centre.
Wednesday 01 April 2015
Zaika has a pleasingly convoluted history. Pay attention, now. It opened in 1999 under the auspices of chef Vineet Bhati and two years later won a Michelin star – the first time an Indian restaurant had received the accolade (two did that year).
Wednesday 18 March 2015
In Japan, the fax machine is still king of the office.
Wednesday 11 March 2015
On the ever-spinning carousel that is the London restaurant scene, there are inevitably winners and losers.
Tuesday 10 March 2015
The first wave of snarky posters are in, meaning we can declare the 2015 election campaign  officially underway.
Friday 06 March 2015
Somerset House | ★★★★☆
Thursday 05 March 2015
There’s handsome, and there’s “that guy should star in a soft-core BDSM blockbuster” handsome.