Football Comment: Chelsea won’t suit Wayne in the long term

Trevor Steven
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WAYNE Rooney should be staying at Manchester United until the end of his career. I think a move to Chelsea would be nothing more than a short-term morale boost.

He’s currently at the biggest club in Britain, if not the world. Why would he want to go somewhere else? I don’t get it.

I think there is still a future for him at Old Trafford, and if I was advising him I would tell him to get on and play for United, but perhaps David Moyes sees a stronger team without him playing that often.

I don’t think Rooney would gain anything from moving to another Premier League club though.

As someone who’s spent time at Marseille, I would say go abroad, test yourself, go and see something different. But I can’t see Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich queuing up to sign him. If he’d scored 45 goals last season they might have been in for him. He’s not coming off the back of a great season, he’s not shown the individual brilliance to catch the eye that someone like Neymar has, for example.

At the end of last season he looked like he was in a bad mood because he wasn’t playing in the position that he wanted to be playing in. He didn’t look like he was enjoying himself.

But players of his quality don’t have two bad seasons in a row. I’d expect him to step up his game, especially in a World Cup year.

I would think Chelsea would have to pay £25m to £30m to get him and it looks like they’re prepared to do that.

They need someone who is going to score and create goals, a Luis Suarez type of player, because they don’t really have that.

You need four strikers at a club, so I don’t think signing Rooney would mean the end for Fernando Torres, Demba Ba or Romelu Lukaku. Sir Alex Ferguson had four at Manchester United and enjoyed plenty of success.

Trevor Steven is a former England footballer and now works as a media commentator.